14 comments on “Getting my cholera felt. Redux.

    • Eva. I was the only guest in a big old coffee plantation on top of a mountain in Koorg region. I was stuck there for about 10 days because the road was washed away and covered with fallen trees. That was the view from the balcony looking down. Looking up it was all rainforest covered in mist because of the monsoon.

        • And…while I was there the owner took me to a little food place in the village that served the best pork curry I have ever had. Region is famous for it apparently

  1. You got pork? And it’s a famous dish there? In my India experience, pork has been hard to find. Vegetarians don’t like to see it on the menu, nor do most Muslims. Beef is hard to find, too. Not even McDonald’s sells beef.

    Chicken, mutton, and fish abound, but I am always with my vegetarian Hindu in-laws and so I eat whatever they eat and don’t even miss meat because they cook so good.

  2. Hey Bill. Its a speciality of the region……and delicious. But most of the time I was eating daal and chapatis at the rickshaw stands wherever I ended up…..and fish, such glorious fresh fish..especially in the andamans.

  3. I will try to remember this and see if I can get there next time… and thanks for the recipe. I will pass it on to my son, the gourmet cook, and see if he will prepare it.

  4. My great Aunt and Uncle spent 12 years living in India right back in the early 30s, only came back because of stupid family pressure. I always got the impression they absolutely regretted leaving India, it must of been quite a culture shock for a young woman in early 20s suddenly arriving in India. Used to tell me lovely stories about the people back there, they lived quite isolated from all the awful ex pat English and mixed and lived with the locals on a little cotton plantation my uncle had purchased as a bachelor. I think these sort of places change your way of appreciating and seeing life…

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